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October 26 2017


Build a project workshop

When we begin to explore a project as part of the consultation process we encourage our customers to get involved in a workshop to develop understanding, make plans and bring their team together. Teamwork is absolutely key to the success of any project but particularly one that involves integrating different people, services, roles and businesses.

A workshop involves a lot of discussion to plan, deliver and follow up but a directed workshop can provide unlimited value to all parties involved.

We have developed and delivered a variety of workshops of different scales, from 5 people to 50+ people. Typically our workshops bring together the different roles within a business to develop understanding and plan a project. These roles include:

  • Creative/Design
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Manufacture
  • Sales
  • Packaging
  • Fulfilment
  • Distribution
  • Quality control
  • Regulatory and Legal


As a company we work with a wide range of industries, businesses and people within businesses. The link being the integration of digital, packaging/print and fulfilment.

As you can probably imagine, there can be a huge number of people involved in a project, especially for a large brand or business which brings up the question – how can we create an inspiring and interactive workshop that encourages involvement from everybody?


  • We start with research. What does the business or brand want to achieve?
  • We consider the challenges of the business from all angles – what does marketing, supply chain, manufacture, procurement etc.. want to achieve? There are of course overall business/brand objectives and individual department objectives that we need to think about. For example on one hand marketing is tasked with creating exciting content to entice consumers, on the other procurement is targeted with reducing costs.
  • We discuss possibilities, linking what’s possible with what our customer is looking to achieve.
  • We scope the workflow and then challenge each touchpoint – what works and what doesn’t? How can we resolve any issues?
  • We develop an action plan to build momentum and to really get a project moving. Communication is key but consistent progress is vital to the success of a project!


Please get in touch to talk to one of the team about your project. If you feel a workshop could work for you and your team to help develop a project then we are here to help.

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