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April 05 2018


Calling all visionaries: SHOW US YOUR TECH

Working with The North of England Packaging Society, I-CON invites you to SHOW US YOUR TECH!

The perfect technology will take packaging to the next level, whether considering the production of packaging or connective technologies that integrate packaging and digital marketing.

Be inspired, consider the use of packaging by brands and consumers. Think about the need for packaging and how it can be used to entice and interact with consumers.

As an independent, packaging consultancy, I-CON is a business focused on the strategic use of packaging to enable an integrated, digital marketing structure.

I-CON facilitates projects, integrating expert partners to create and deliver robust solutions for major brands. We help brands explore and implement projects, working with state-of-the-art technologies across the global packaging industry.


Why connect?

We look for the very best in packaging and linked technologies to ensure our brand, retail and etail customers can successfully launch projects that encourage consumers to interact and build lasting bonds with them.

The marketplace is flooded with technologies of all kinds that can and will have fantastic implications for packaging. Our customers work with us as they see us as technology scouts, capable of sourcing and integrating technologies into workflows, that not only promote consumer-brand engagement but that also facilitate the manufacture of innovative packaging solutions.

Our independence is vital to our success. We respect and protect our expert partners. We work with partners of all scales, from start-ups to global businesses to deliver projects. Our key skills focus on integrating our partners and their technology, service or product into a creative to production and fulfilment workflow.

Our customers are excited by our service as they know that we will find the perfect solution for them. We work with the very best product and service providers to ensure excellent service, fantastic quality products and scalable solutions.

Get in touch to find out more. We’d love to talk to you if you are a Digital Packaging Visionary!


Here’s some examples of what technology we are looking for based on the current needs of our customers:

  • Digital connectivity and interactivity – make it straightforward to connect and an exciting experience to enjoy!
  • Innovative production methods – how can innovative production lead to innovative products?
  • Interesting materials that entice the consumer – how can packaging excite the consumer?  How can the opening experience be a truly memorable one?


Think about it from the customers perspective…

Brands especially are very keen to find the next big thing in packaging that will set their products apart from the competition. We have to think about it from their position – how can we make it as simple as possible to scope and implement a new packaging driven project or campaign?

Can we push the digital packaging revolution forward and enable brands to embrace a range of technologies?

Key obstacles to overcome at the moment are:

  • Consumer understanding – many brands are put off using new technologies as there is a lack of consumer understanding which can lead to limited consumer uptake. By integrating your technology into a workflow it becomes more accessible.
  • Complexity – many brands find a complex structure off putting due to the time, resource and spend required to implement. We help to simplify the process to entice brands to embrace new technologies by facilitating projects and filling skill gaps as required.
  • Price – many new or up and coming technologies are seen as too expensive to implement on packaging, especially when compared to existing solutions. By building an integrated solution the issue of price can be minimised. The benefits far out way the costs when a project is appropriately positioned and delivered.

Be part of something bigger! Show us your tech, become part of a global network that provides brands, retailers and etailers with truly innovative, robust solutions.


For more information or to show us your tech please get in touch. We can provide you with a platform to deliver your ground breaking technology to brands, retailers and etailers on a global scale.



*Working together with NEPS – The Packaging Society, a division of IOM3:

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