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December 18 2017


Guide to Digital Packaging for 2018

As 2017 draws to a close and we look forward to enjoying our Christmas celebrations, the I-CON team have compiled a Guide to Digital Packaging for 2018.

2017 has seen digital packaging explode. The market is ready for innovative projects to flourish and with the growth of global, digital workflows and digitally, connective technologies, 2018 promises to be an iconic year for creative, digital packaging campaigns.

As an industry, packaging is being forced to evolve quicker than ever before as demand for innovation is strong. It has been an exciting year, with more brands diving into digital connectivity than ever before.

The most exciting packaging campaigns have been developed by creative and advertising agencies looking to integrate packaging into digital marketing. A vision that will find the very best in digital packaging as advertisers engage with packaging designers and digital, packaging integration specialists more than ever before.


AI and Digital

As AI continues to develop, digital and AI will remain a strong inspiration for creative design and marketing but humanity and the feeling of handmade products will be a key influence throughout 2018, as people look for more specialised and unique products, encouraged by the ongoing launch of more and more start-ups and small scale brands.



Personalisation can create a handmade feel when used with a range of products. More than a name on a pack, personalisation is evolving, as consumers demand personalised products and experiences.


Multi-channel packaging

Packaging is no longer just a form of product protection and one-way marketing. Digital technologies enable brands to form a direct connection with consumers via digital devices and smartphones.

Multi-channel packaging is part of a digital marketing structure. The same digital technology can connect every element of marketing, facilitating consumer understanding of a brand and product along with providing brands with powerful data.


Premium products

Premium products provide something special and as many FMCG brands are losing market share to smaller more agile brands, 2018 will see a rise in FMCG brands launching more premium variants. Packaging plays a key role in the value perception of a product and will be vital as the number of premium products increase.


Subscription models

Suitable for a wide range of products the subscribe and save model is growing in use across platforms and provides a tool to encourage brand loyalty. Subscribers can access more than cheaper products; throughout 2018 consider special content and events along with priority access to limited edition products.


Loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes drive consumers to interact with brands, retailers and etailers. When launching a digital packaging campaign ‘loyalty scanning’ is a recommended element that can be accessed using a range of technologies including QR codes, NFC, scannable glyphs and image recognition.


Bricks and clicks

The marketplace will still be a challenging place for retailers as consumers continue to buy more products and services online. The ongoing development of ecommerce and Apps makes it a very straightforward process for consumers.

Digital technologies enable personalised workflow elements for products sold via retail or ecommerce. We have seen first-hand that ease of access for consumers and  a responsive turnaround is vital to success.

Packaging and point-of-sale will be vital connective elements in stores driving interactions and experienced based environments.

Throughout 2018 driving sales growth via Bricks and Clicks will be challenging for brands but brands will find greater interaction levels and more accurate data than ever before when integrated using digital technologies.


About I-CON

Thank you for reading our Guide to Digital Packaging for 2018 which we’ve based on discussions with our expert partners, brands and retail & etail customers. We gain so much insight from our global partners.

As consultants we are happy to share information and new ideas to drive innovation throughout the global, digital packaging market. Developing and delivering innovative projects for our customers is an absolute pleasure.

Get in touch to share your views for 2018. What’s next for your business?

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