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January 04 2018


I-CON Business review: week one of 2018

The first week of a new year is an exciting time!

As a business focused on digital packaging we provide a bridge between digital technologies and packaging technologies, integrating the complete creative, marketing, technology and production workflow to develop and deliver truly innovative projects.

We enable a multi-channel approach to packaging and make packaging a connective marketing tool.

The new year provides a platform for people to start something new and explore ideas with a fresh outlook. Many decisions made in the previous year come to fruition during quarter one of the new year.

As a business we are technology focused and driven to find the very best solutions for our customers based on their requirement. As a totally independent business we are not aligned to any particular technology or technology service provider.  We don’t push a particular product or service, we find the best fit for a project which positions us very differently to companies driven by selling a particular product or service, such as driving production whether creative, marketing or manufacture.

Digital packaging is a huge sector with the potential to change the worlds of packaging and digital marketing.  The evolution of design, marketing, print and connective technologies will see brands, retailers and etailers flood the market with a range of interactive products and experiences.

During our first week of 2018 we’ve initiated projects that feature a range of technologies including:

Augmented Reality (AR) – a technology that will flourish during 2018 as brands, retailers and etailers see real clarity in what AR can deliver. Gimmicky experiences are being replaced with value added experiences that gain loyalty through interactivity.

Virtual Reality (VR) – closely linked to AR and VR, retailers especially are keen to encourage consumers to experience more in store.

Near Field Communications (NFC) – NFC is easy to use, no additional Apps required as the majority of smartphones feature NFC connectivity. As the cost becomes increasingly competitive NFC will be integrated into a range of products, packaging, point of sale and exhibition spaces.

Packaging print technologies – print is ever evolving. The high quality print produced using conventional and digital technologies enables the production of stunningly sharp imagery, connective elements and textured finishes.

Scannable technologies – scannable technologies now enable people to use their smartphones to scan across platforms – packaging, point of sale, printed media, TV and digital, to gain brand content.

Connecting products with devices – many FMCG brands are keen to broaden their product ranges by launching premium products and connective devices.

It’s fantastic to share a snapshot of what we are working on.  There is so much more! Stay connected and follow our progress throughout 2018 and beyond.

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