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January 30 2018


What is Digital Packaging?

The Digital Packaging market is complex. It offers a wide variety of benefits from creativity and connectivity to increased opportunities for brand-consumer interactivity. It does require an integrated process to gain the most value.


But what exactly is Digital Packaging?

To keep it as simple and straightforward as possible, Digital Packaging is –

  • Packaging created using digital technologies, including digital platforms, design and 3D software, digital print and digitally controlled production processes.


  • Packaging that features connective technologies, such as scannable glyphs, codes and images along with NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies; enabling the integration of packaging and digital content.


  • Packaging that is integrated into digital marketing making packaging a significant part of the digital marketing process, rather than a stand alone entity. Using a digitally integrated workflow makes packaging a key part of digital marketing, encouraging brand-consumer interactions and providing an adaptable and measurable process.


Key Benefits of Digital Packaging

  • Digital enables flexible design that can be adapted and visualised using 3D software. Digital Packaging design provides a creative and shareable process.
  • Direct consumer input into the design and production of a product using creative, digital platforms and complete digital workflows, such as Web-to-Print platforms that enable mass personalisation using digital integration and artwork automation.
  • Packaging can be produced using digital print and digital production technologies enabling the production of mass-unique products using variable data and automation. Digital print and production techniques can produce many unique, high quality printed and finished pieces of packaging consecutively. There is no change over or setup process required in between the production of different designs.
  • Digital Packaging technologies provide an on-demand development and production model throughout the workflow, enabling greater control of stock and responsive production based on the accurate requirement of a specific consumer.
  • Digital Packaging provides a connective bridge between product and digital content using connective technologies such as image recognition, codes and NFC; encouraging consumers to directly interact with brands. The future will be increasingly digital content driven, based on personalisation and the diversity of digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Brands, retailers and etailers are investing more resources into digital technology and digital packaging to facilitate brand-consumer interactivity. Once launched the momentum needs to be maintained!


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